English Language Lesson

Learn English #2: How to Refuse an Invitation Politely

Being polite is really important and it's not always easy in English. 

We have 3 super useful tips to refuse an invitation politely that will help you. These are real every day English phrases that will make your English sound more natural. 

Watch the video and then download our free English e-book. It contains everything you need to know from the video plus a very special bonus practice section. 

Download our free English language learning e-book here 

What is English + 1?

We are proud to introduce our 'English +1' concept. We believe that learning English is more effective and enjoyable when it is done with a friend, partner or family member. That's why we have introduced English + 1. 

How it works

  • Watch our video and download our free e-book.
  • Send the link to our video and free e-book to a friend, partner or family member.
  • Do the English + 1 practice exercise in the free e-book together.
  • Record yourselves doing the speaking activity on your mobile phone 'voice recorder' facility.
  • Listen to it together and give each other advice/positive comments.