British English lesson

Learn English with Adele

I LOVE Adele! She’s a British icon and one of the world’s best singers. She has also got a fascinating English accent so I decided to create this English lesson for you guys. We look at her pronunciation using cockney and received pronunciation and also some interesting vocabulary she uses. Enjoy!

Introducing Yourself and Talking About Your Job | English Lesson

Introducing yourself and talking about your job are two skills every English learner needs. In this English lesson we look at ways of introducing yourself naturally and then useful phrases to talk about our job and where you work. 

Introduce yourself to me in the comments below and make sure you talk about your job using the phrases I teach you. I'd love to get to know you : ) 

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Less vs Fewer: English Lessons with Tom #17

When do we use LESS and when do we use FEWER? 

This video will tell you the difference between less vs fewer and help you understand how we use them. 

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